The Aeroplane

The Aeroplane was a British magazine devoted to aviation – it was lively, controversial, and respected weekly which first appeared in 1911. The famous C. G. Grey became its Editor. The final issue of which was published in October 1968.

The Aeroplane reported on some of the most significant developments in aviation.
In this context I reproduce here three articles relating to the then new Comet 4 series and those who flew it. The author thanks The Aeroplane for their permission to reproduce these pieces on our previous site

July 1958

Comet 4 production took place in Chester as well as Hatfield. Here is account of Comet production from Chester

September 1958

Thoughts after a Flight in the Comet 4 – in very poor weather at Farnborough

January 1959

Comet 4: A Pilot’s Aeroplane was written by a close member of the Hatfield Family – Peter Bugge.


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