1990 –  site created in tribute to L. E. [Ted] F. Young – published as

Site created using MS Frontpage and FTP Terrapin 

All material sourced with much original input by people who worked with Ted, at Hatfield, Chester and elsewhere. Original input form those that flew Comets with BEA and BOAC.
Input from restoration projects and assistance from the staff at Dan Air and Duxford

1990-2007 – maintained and updated.
2007 – site withdrawn – logistical issues and ‘spam’ attacks.

2018 – site revived using WordPress – with updated materials







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Links added to C/N in Air Frame Index and Production Lists

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Addition of images by Ian Marr of XN453 at Farnborogh

Two images by Ian Marr – of XA-NAR G-AOVU at Paine Everett, WA Nose section and restored cockpit

Updating Copyright and adding link to Frank Halford – Engineering genius 

Updates to Videos – analysis of Mk.1 crashes and metal fatigue. Three Videos – one mans quest to restore a Mk.4 cockpit to simulator status

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