G-APYD Dan Air London 1972-79

Photo- Paul Robinson 

Airframe 106438 Mk.4B


Registered – G-APYD

To British European Airways

Delivered to BEA January 1960. Sold to Olympic Airways SX-DAL ‘Queen Olga’ Bought back by BEA September 1969  Sold to

Channel Airways in Jan. 1970. Sold to Dan Air 14th April 1972.

Last flight 31st October1979. Sold to Science Museum

31/10/1979 and preserved at Wroughton 

Short Video by seanstu. A few Scenes on the Ramp A at Gatwick in the 1970’s featuring a Dan Air Comet 4c. Also in the background a Dan air 727, BCal DC10 and a British Airtours 707. From Are You being served movie. See clip here