G-APDP in BOAC livery

Photo – Alistair Currah – at RAF Gan and Colin Brothers 

RAF Gan, wss staging post in the Indian Ocean that closed in `76. RAF Comets were an almost daily feature of Gan life during the `50s and `60s as Transport Command flew them out East and back again. Civilian Comets were also on charter to the MoD and were occasional visitors to Gan. Above is Comet G-APDP during one of these brief stops on RAF Gan. 

Airframe 106417


Registered – G-APDP

To de Havilland Aircraft Company

Delivered to BOAC 11/6/59. Leased to Malaysia-Singapore Airlines in November 1967.

After return to BOAC sold the next month [March 1969] to Dan Air.

Last flight for Dan Air 22 March 1973 and then sold to RAE Farnborough as XX944.

Withdrawn April 1975

XX944 was at RAE, Farnborough in July 1973

Photo – Gordon Riley