G-AMXA was transferred to XK655 in 1958

Photo- Steve Dunbar

Airframe 106023


Registered – G-AMXA

To de Havilland Aircraft Company

See Log entries for – 4.11.53 & 2.1.54 28/11/57 1-3/58

Comet Mk.2 converted to 2R and delivered to RAF 192 Sqn as XK655 in February 1958. Transferred to 51 Sqn

In 1974 joined the Strathallan Collection until disbanded in 1990.

Photos above and below provided by Steve Dunbar. 

Steve writes: “XK 655 on its last trip from RAF Wyton to Strathallen”

The picture of the crew was taken prior to its last eventful trip the chap 2 2nd from the right was my OC Wg Cdr Bonner.

I was a young airman on 51 Sqn between 72-75 straight from RAF Halton apprenticeship.”

The Comet was broken up – only the nose section remaining.

In 1995 it was sold to Gatwick Airport for display purposes on the Spectators Terrace