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Dan Air Remembered

Detailed history on Dan Air by an insider here

Various movie images of Dan Air Comet 4C G-APYD from movie Are You Being Served

Gatwick in the 1970’s featuring a Dan Air Comet 4c here

Edouard Chalaron with XA-NAS flying to Maracaibo, Venezuela from Mexico City

Edouard Chalaron – Published on 19 Feb 2014 here

Mexicana XA-NAR 4C

Exceljet – Published on 28 Dec 2012 here

Comet 4c Fast Taxi run at Bruntingthorpe 6th May 2012.


Fast Taxi run at Bruntingthorpe here

Ed – Published on 6 May 2012

BOAC Comet – Flying, takeoff, taxi.s – Stock Footage


Stock Footage here

The Film Gate – Published on 1 Jan 2016


BEA de Havilland Comet 4B – “Arrival Athens” – 1961

BEA de Havilland Comet 4B – “Arrival Athens” – 1961  here

Classic Airliners & Vintage Pop Culture Published on 4 Aug 2014

By “Comet” To Johannesburg (1952) G-ALYP
London Airport. Alps, France: Corsica: Rome, Italy : Lake Victoria, Entebbe; Victoria Falls, Africa; Livingstone, Johannesburg, South Africa.

By “Comet” To Johannesburg (1952) here 
British Pathé  Published on 13 Apr 2014


Film of the restoration of the de Havilland Aircraft Museum’s Comet 1A F-BGNX

Video and Appeal here

Air France de Havilland Comet 1 F-BGNX

Air France Comet here

82DavidW – Published on 4 Oct 2016

BOAC De Havilland Comet 3 G-ANLO at Vancouver International Airport in December 1955

Vancouver Comet Video here

BC History – Published on 15 Dec 2013

Misconceptions about the Comet accidents

Posted by Aerossurance on Aug 6, 2017 in Accidents & Incidents, Design & Certification, Fixed Wing, Regulation, Safety Management here

BEA de Havilland Comet 4B – 1959 SBAC Farnborough

BEA de Havilland Comet 4B – 1959 SBAC Farnborough here

Please note – image quality poor
Classic Airliners & Vintage Pop Culture-Published on 2 Aug 2009

DH Comet 4 G-BDIX East Fortune

DH Comet 4 G-BDIX East Fortune here
TANISLA2 Published on 1 Jun 2016

Video by AirflownNZ from April 2015 here 

De Havilland Comet – World’s First Commercial Jet Airliner

First Jet Airliner here

Best of The World – Published on 8 Dec 2015

Movietone link – delivery of Comet to Aerolineas Argentinas showing John Cunningham.- Possibly LV-AHN 5th Mar 1959

Scroll down page to movie and click on play. Movie is silent.

Historias Individuales  – information about AA Comets and their fate. See Movietone

Comet Flight Simulator Video 

The Last ‘Flying’ Comet – restoration of DH Comet 4 cockpit in Part 1 &
‘Flight’ from London Heathrow to Southampton in Part 2

Part 1        Part 2 

littlegreenshed Published on 18 Apr 2014

Model Aircraft

Scale Model De Havilland COMET: Cosford LMA Model Show 2014

Scale Model De Havilland COMET here

Photographs and links

Paul Robinson

Paul Robinson Photo Library here

Nick Challoner

Nick Challoner XS235 Comet images here

Brian Robbins

Brian Robbins various Comets here 

Maximo Verrascina

Maximo Verrascina various Comets here 

Ralf Manteufel

Ralf Manteufel various Comets here 


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