AEREA Latinamericanas

AEREA Latinamericanas – Comet in Operated

HC-ALT 6428

In mid-1960 it appeared a distinct possibility that a plan to form a large supranational airline in South America would go ahead. The proposal was AEREA Latinamericanas be set up to replace some smaller carriers and their assorted fleets be augmented, or replaced, by purchasing Comets. The Comet was much liked in South America – it had ideal characteristics for their routes and they envisaged it operating a ‘premier service’ to oppose the increasing number of U.S. based carriers.

FALA was a projected union of non-IATA member airlines of Chile, Columbia and Peru, they also wanted to get Aerolineas of Argentina to join. It was suggested that Aerolineas would join if the other airlines would purchase Comet 4s so that the groups equipment could be standardised. It was said the de Havilland had approached FALA with an offer to supply 6-8 Comet 4s at competitive prices with early delivery (although the manufacturer would not confirm that).

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